Estonian (based on English)

Grupp Toimub M* Juhendaja(d) Hind
 Elementary A1.1>A1.2
TN 17.15-18.45
Ülikooli 1
40 Linda Palts 242 €
 Estonian for Beginners 0>A1.1 minigroup
T 17.15 -18.45
Pepleri 4
30 Aive Mandel 240 €

* Kursuse maht akadeemilistes tundides

Estonian (based on English): elementary A1.1>A1.2

A 44-hour Estonian language course at elementary level based on English.

Estonian (based on English): Estonian for Beginners 0>A1.1 minigroup

A 30-hour Estonian language course for beginners (A1.1 level) based on English. The course is suitable for students who have not studied Estonian before.

Topics: Greetings, farewells, apologies. Introducing people. Mother tongue and foreign languages. In town. Eating out. Free time and hobbies. Family and friends. My day.

Grammar: The alphabet. The stress. Word order. Questions. Declension of nouns and adjectives. Conjunction of verbs. Ordinals and cardinals. Declension of numerals. Listening practice.