Estonian for beginners (based on English)

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 Estonian for beginners A1 minigroup NEW GROUP!
Tue, Thu 19.00-20.30
Ülikooli 1
30 Linda Palts 240 €
 Estonian for beginners A1.1 minigroup NEW GROUP!
Tue,Thu 17.15-18.45
Ülikooli 1
30 Linda Palts 240 €
 Estonian for beginners A1 II semester
Tue, Thu 17.15-18.45
Ülikooli 1
44 Linda Palts 242 €

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Estonian for beginners (based on English): Estonian for beginners A1 II semester

The A1.2 level Estonian course is suitable for students, who can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases and can introduce themselves and others and can ask and answer questions about personal details such as where he/she lives, people they know and things they have.

Topics: Greetings, farewells, apologies. Introducing people. Mother tongue and foreign languages. In town. Eating out. Free time and hobbies. Family and friends. My day.

Grammar: The alphabet. The stress. Word order. Questions. Declension of nouns and adjectives. Conjunction of verbs. Ordinals and cardinals. Declension of numerals. Listening practice.