Araabia keel algajatele

Arabic course based on English. Languages of instruction of the course: English. Study level A1.

Grupp Toimub M* Juhendaja(d) Hind
 Araabia keel algajatele A1 minirühm
R 15.00-16.30
Pepleri 4
28 Hussam Rashid 224 €

* Kursuse maht akadeemilistes tundides

Araabia keel algajatele: Araabia keel algajatele A1 minirühm

Kursus sobib neile, kes pole varem araabia keelt õppinud. Kursusel omandatakse algteadmised araabia kirjakeelest (Modern Standard Arabic).

Due to variety of different dialects of Arabic, this course will be about the most formal speech of Arabic which is one the six oficial language of the United Nations. It is the literary standard form of Arabic which is understandable in Middle east and north of Africa.

Arabic is the official or one the official languge of 60 countries and it is spoken by around 237 millions of the population of the world.